Automatic control system. 

The boiler has automatic control system with 5 level adjustment, it’s easy to operate the parameters of draft fan, feeder, ignition and blower

Feeding system

The boiler is equipped with 2-class double screw feeder, the first feeder make sure the reasonable feeding volume, secondary feeder make sure no extra pellets, there is space between first and second feeder, completly avoiding the back-fire situation.

Combustion Technology

The dedicated built-in biomass burner adopts a unique three-sided, vertical circulating oxygen supply air distribution technology, with fully air distribution,fuel combustion, good semi-gasification effect, and combustion achieves smokeless, dustless, and odorless effects. Both the main combustion furnace and the heat exchange furnace use vertical flue tube type to increase the heat exchange area and make the boiler thermal efficiency as high as 95%.