Horizontal Oil Steam Boiler


1)Boiler with wet-back structure of three-return stroke,wave-shape chamber increased the hested area,
promoting thermal efficiency.

2)Reasonable design of gas flow rating reduced friction and wind resistance to be low cost and long life.

3)The flue cover in back and forth adopted movable door,easy to make cleaning work.

4)Automatic control system to get a fully auto-operation by its self.

5)Perfect safty device protection contorl and detecting in operation all the time.

6)Low position of boiler chamber make more safty and larger gas phase space,special steam separator
make a quality steam.

7)Assemble boiler is easy for installation.



Oil Steam Boiler

Item/ModelRated Power(KW)Rated Evaporation(KW/H)Reated Working Pressure(Mpa)Heat EfficiencyDimension(MM)PumpInner Water Tank and Floater
LDZ(K)0.009-0.7 6 9 0.798%600*400*1180750*1 unitEquippted
LDZ(K)0.013-0.7 9130.798%600*400*1180750*1 unitEquippted
LDZ(K)0.017-0.7 12140.798%600*400*1180750*1 unitEquippted
LDZ(K)0.025-0.7 18250.798%600*400*1180750*1 unitEquippted
LDZ(K)0.035-0.7 24350.798%700*450*1180750*1 unitEquippted
LDZ(K)0.05-0.736500.798%700*450*1180750*1 unitEquippted
LDZ(K)0.075-0.7 48750.798%700*450*1180750*1 unitEquippted
LDZ(K)0.1-0.7 721000.798%900*600*1460750*1 unitEquippted
LDZ(K)0.135-0.7 961350.798%900*600*1460750*1 UnitEquippted
LDZ(K)0.3-0.7 2163000.798%1500*700*1460750*3 unitsEquippted
LDZ(K)0.5-0.73605000.798%2400*600*1460750*4 unitsUnequipped