he Features of Wood Pellet Stove.

The pellet stove is a combination of classic fireplace and modern technical.
The reason why we choose wood pellet stove is that it can bring us a tradition feeling about the firewarm, and fixed many trouble about old fireplace. The device inside the pelletstove can make stove completely automatic running, ignition, feeding,temperature setting. All the stuff can be set by the remote control in yourhand.

Wood pellets are very good environmental fuel. They are made from recycled materials like branches, grass, straw, sunflower husks, sawdust and any waste which contain wood fabric. Processing through crush, dry and heavily compress, the pellet become less moisture and high density. These features make wood pellets very easy to burn. And after burning, the pellet left very little smoke and ash. The discharge of CO2 is extremely low.

The pellet stove origin from the fireplace culture in Europe, It has a great market prospects. Compare with electric stove, wood stove, the pellet stove are more efficiency and economical. Especially in some area which is very strict with environment. The pellet stove would be the best choice.

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